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Use of Maternal and reproductive health services in Awach and Amuru:

Situation is positive in Awach (VH teams are doing a good job, high awareness of reproductive health) but alarming in Amuru (late antenatal care, HC don’t offer all packages, staffing issues, attitude problems, low capacity, many programs not rolled out yet or are in the process, mothers find it bothersome to go for ANC when they don’t get anything).


Prevalence and awareness of hypertension among patients attending general outpatient department in Gulu district:

40 patients, 20 % were hypertensive (25 % national figure), 50 % not aware of their hypertension, 25 % on drugs, 62 % don’t do regular exercise, 75 % don’t eat enough fruits, 21 % were smokers. 65 % had never had their BP measured in their life.


Health care problems in prison settings and impact on prisoner rehabilitation:

240 interviews with prisoners, ethnographic data from officers & medical in charge, + observations. Record congestion rates (double national figure), remanded inmates (5 years without charges!), 90 % scored high on distress score and in need of mental health assessment (Previously an NGO offered this service but stopped), HIV patients deteriorate, lots of TB, understaffed health facilities, lack of supplies, womens health and hygiene lacking, no activities for inmates, ethnographic interviews confirmed findings. 85% had had negative childhood experiences related to the conflict in Northern Uganda.


Prevalence and associated risk factors of diabetes and hypertension among market vendors :

400 street vendors included. Difficult to get the participants back for their results. High prevalence level of LDL high total cholesterol. Analysis still ongoing. Ethnically mixed study population – advantage of the study. Most diabetics knew they had diabetes. Very few of those identified with hypertension knew about they had hypertension. Male vendors were later to attend the study than women. Suggest they seek funding for market vendor cohort to look at diabetes and hypertension longitudinally.